Bad lifestyle habits causes low sperm count reason

Our lifestyle is changing like chemical reaction. We people are moving towards bad lifestyle habits to from good one. Similarly, low sperm count is also because of bad lifestyle habits. Today we will discuss lot of low sperm count reason. Then you have to decide how many bad habits you are following.

low sperm count reason
Our modern generation is killing their health because of their modern lifestyle. Now our new generation adopted bad lifestyle habits which could be low sperm count reason. All these things happens because of desk jobs, lack of exercise, stress and fast food. Technology is also responsible for our bad lifestyle habits and low sperm count. You might have aware that our reproductive system is one of the first casualties because of unhealthy habits.
Infertility in men because of low sperm account is most common problem which occur due to our bad lifestyle habits. Even 24-25 years old man are facing such infertility problems. Today in this article, we are going to discuss come everyday habits which are responsible for low sperm count and these habits are part of our bad lifestyle habits. We are providing you some causes of low sperm count.

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Common low sperm count reason

Sunscreen could be low sperm count reason :- We people are abdicated to use sunscreen because we want to protect our skin from dust, sun rays. It is one of the worst habits, which we people are following. Chemicals of sunscreen and other cosmetics are responsible for low sperm count. There are lot of chemicals available in sunscreen which can easily interfere with hormones of men’s body. Always remember to wash your sunscreen whenever you are indoor so that you can avoid unnecessary absorption of chemical in skin. By doing such you can control low sperm count.
Alcohol intake in large amount:- Men are very much habitual of alcohol. If you are taking alcohol in parties or daily basis then beware of its disadvantages. Huge alcohol intake is also a major reason of low sperm count. We all know that alcohol intake is one of the most bad lifestyle habits. Try to be away from alcohol so that you can enjoy your life happily.

low sperm count reason
Wearing tight pants or underwear:-People think that wearing of tight pants or underwear is no other than fashion. But it is totally wrong. Tight pants or underwear heat up your testicles. Which harm fertility in the long run. So always try to avoid wearing of tight pants or underwear and try to be away from such bad lifestyle habits. Always remember one thing that anything that raises the temperature of groin area is responsible for low sperm count because scrotum is situated there.
Hot bath is also responsible:-Lot of people think that taking hot bath is like a relaxing your body but it is a bad lifestyle habits. Taking hot bath your body but it is a bad lifestyle habits. Tanking hot bath is responsible for low sperm count. The scrotum which contains testicles situated out of our body and they need cooler temperature as compared to body. So to avoid such problem, do not take hot bath.
Less action in bed:-Lack of sex is also one of the most bad lifestyle habits which causes low sperm count. Less action in bed while sleeping is also link with low sperm count. So try to participate in games and make your body active.
Smoking is harmful:-Smoking lovers your sperm movement low. Those people who are smoking in excess, should be more careful on this matter. Smoking is not a good thing and it is a part of bad lifestyle habits. It is a advice for young generation that say no to smoking and avoid low sperm count.
Stressful life:-Our bad lifestyle habits cause stress on our mind as well as body. Due to busy lifestyle, almost everyone is in stress. We all are aware that hundreds of health problem occur due to stressful life stress causes an unbalance of important hormones in the body including low sperm count too. So try to be stress free and maintain a good health and lifestyle.
Overweight and lack of exercise:-Due to busy lifestyle and work load we are not having enough time to play or exercise. Which cause lot of health problems. Improper diet cause over weight all these things creates lot of health problems. Over weight of body cause extra layer of fat which raise the temperature of body. Such fat layers also from around groin area which heats up that area and cause low sperm count. So try to avoid such bad lifestyle habits.
Placing laptop on lap:-Those people who are working on laptop, they suffer from such problems. It is one of the most common habit that people place laptop on their lap while working on it. Almost everyone do this mistake. It also causes low sperm count because heat eliminates from laptop directly goes on our laps which are close to scrotum. So try to move yourself from such type of bad lifestyle habits.

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